When you visit the racecourse with your group, you will take part in an exciting range of activities led by one of our Racing to School team. Each one of these incorporates key elements that are taught in the classroom.


A jockey will demonstrate how to ride the ‘mechanical horse’. Pupils will have the opportunity to try this out for themselves and discover the importance of balance and the centre of gravity. The Equiciser is available at certain racecourses only.

Horse Sense

How do horses see and hear? Pupils will learn how a horse’s senses can influence its behaviour when being ridden and handled.

Jolly Jumpers

During the National Hunt season (jump racing) horses are required to leap over obstacles. Pupils will look closely at the construction of hurdles and fences, learn how they are built, measure their height and spread and discover just how athletic horses are.

Parade Ring Possibilities

Similarly to humans, racehorses need to warm up before they race. The Parade Ring is where this happens. Pupils will use their maths skills in this activity to calculate how many horses can safely parade at one time.

Photo Finish

Pupils discuss distances, the condition of the going and other factors that may affect a horse’s performance. They’ll also learn about the technology of the photo finish and winning distances, plus judge some close finishes for themselves.

Racing and race cards

On a race day, we explain how to understand the information in the race card before watching one or two races.

Racing Colours

Discover the shapes, colours and designs which are used in jockeys silks. Design your own set making sure you stick to the design rules!

Safety in Numbers

Take a tour of the Grandstand. See where race-goers cheer on their favourite horses past the winning post. Work out the area. Estimate and then calculate how many people can safely fit inside this space.

Weighing Room

Visit the Weighing Room, where the jockeys prepare themselves before each race. Find out who else works there, the important relationship between weight and performance in racing and how the handicapping system works. Pupils will have the opportunity to look at various pieces of equipment, consider how light they are and try some on.

A Jockey’s Diet

Discover how jockeys control their weight by adjusting calorie intake. Design a healthy diet for a jockey and compare this with the needs of other athletes and sportsmen and women.