Pupils from Fakenham Junior School learning about Sir Peter from Derek Thompson in the commentary box

Racing to School launch ‘The Sir Peter O’Sullevan Racing to School Programme’

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Sir Peter O’Sullevan Racing to School Programme. The new initiative, which consists of 24 Racing to School days delivered nationwide has been supported through a generous donation from The Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust.

Sir Peter was well known as a passionate supporter of the young generation’s interest in racing, and it is therefore fitting that part of the legendary commentator’s legacy will be to fund a programme that will provide free outdoor learning activities to around 1,000 young people this year. It is the charity’s plan that during these racecourse education days that the participants will get the chance to enter the commentary box, where they will hear about Sir Peter and why, as the Voice of Racing, he was so influential in the history of the sport.

The Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust hosts an annual awards lunch, now in its 22nd year, the proceeds of which have allowed it to distribute over £5 million in grants to their six main charities. The Trustees have recently pledged another £2.5 million to support other charitable causes, which now includes Racing to School.

John Blake, Chief Executive of Racing to School said: “It is an honour for Racing to School to be acknowledged and supported by the Trustees of Sir Peter’s Charitable Trust. Sir Peter was of course unique and educated and entertained the public in such a distinct and charming way. We will ensure that the young people that take part in the Programme kindly funded by the Trust, and named after Sir Peter, are told about the great man and how he inspired so many of today’s commentators.”

The programme ran its first day at Fakenham yesterday, with Derek Thompson kindly allowing the young people to join him in the commentary box.