Racing to School want to make sure the participation of pupils, students and teachers on our Programmes are as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. To achieve this, Racing to School’s role and responsibilities to schools, colleges and Education Business Partnerships (EBPs) are outlined below.

Racing to School will:

  • Liaise with you to establish your requirements in respect of the venue, activities and curriculum coverage
  • Contact the appropriate industry venue and agree the event date send you a proposed date, itinerary and risk assessments for each activity
  • Provide bespoke and comprehensive workbooks for event activities and for use in the classroom
  • Ensure you have confirmed the event and provided the appropriate documentation
  • Greet your party on the day and escort it to the ‘base room’ on site
  • Advise all participants of Health & Safety issues and procedures
  • Follow the itinerary as closely as possible (we reserve the right to alter this if necessary)
  • Facilitate and supervise all activities
  • Supply evaluation sheets to pupils/students and teachers to fill in at the end of the event
  • Activities will be delivered by a Racing to School member of staff who is fully briefed and trained to conduct them.

Please also see Health & Safety