When providing educational activities at an industry venue, Racing to School will carry out a full risk assessment of all the activities to be undertaken on the day. Our staff will also work to the Health & Safety policies of the venue.

The risk assessments are provided to all participants and schools/colleges. Racing to School has full Public Liability Insurance.

School/college responsibilities

School/college staff and representatives are responsible for the safety and discipline of their pupils/students while on site. They must provide and maintain registers of all attending staff and pupils/students, and any medical details that may be relevant about pupils/students participating in specific activities.

The school/college will be responsible for full insurance cover for the pupils/students. Staff should conduct regular head counts and ensure all pupils/student are aware of the identity of the group leader.

The Health & Safety instructions provided by the venue or Racing to School should be followed at all times.

Accident procedures

It’s recommended that school representatives carry an emergency first aid kit at all times and have appropriate first-aid training. If an accident occurs, school representatives are responsible for attending to any injured pupil/student.

Racing to School representatives are aware of accident procedures, will carry a mobile phone with relevant emergency contact numbers and be aware of the official First Aider on site.

If an accident occurs, the Racing to School member of staff at the site of the accident will immediately inform the First Aider on site. The venue contact, school/college leader and Racing to School education officer will then be informed.

Should the accident require a hospital visit, a Racing to School staff member will ensure that a school/college representative accompanies the injured person. The Racing to School representative will ensure that all accident details are recorded in the Racing to School accident book, which is taken to all venues. The details recorded will be made available to the school/college representative on request.

Risk assessments

It’s Racing to School policy that, for all activities offered by our programme, a risk assessment is carried out and made available to participating parties, including schools, colleges and Education Business Partnerships.

Racing to School takes great care in ensuring that all risks are considered and that all health and safety procedures are taken into account at all times. Racing to School risk assessments cover all activities undertaken by pupils/students, but do not include any pupil/student behaviour while on site that does not relate directly to the activities agreed beforehand.

Any assessment of risk relating to the industry venue – whether it be racecourse, trainer’s yard or other organisation – will be carried out by that venue. This can be made available to the school/college on request.

These assessments will meet Health and Safety Executive regulations. If a school/college requires any further risk assessments, it must undertake such work itself under proper guidance. At this point, it becomes responsible for ensuring that the work done conforms with their assessment.


The Racing to School team undergo mandatory and relevant safeguarding training.